Can prostate cancer be prevented?

  • İlkan Yüksel
  • Mustafa Kaplan

Bull Urooncol 2011;10(2):17-21

The result of epidemiyologic researchs shows us prostat cancer is the second common cancer after lung cancer. Because of high incidence of prostat cancer, morbitities of treatment options and high costs, prevention of prostat cancer become popular. After explaning the mechanisms of prostat carcinogenez, the idea of some agents can be usefull to prevent prostat cancer is suggested. Succesfull results get from the resarch with 5 alfa reductase and estrogen receptor antagonists, but the resarchs with nonsteroidal antiinflamtory drugs, selenium, vitamin D, lycopene can't give us absolute results, so we need more researchs with these agents.

Keywords: prostate cancer, prevention, 5 alfa reduktase inhibitor, estrogen receptor antagonists, selenium, vitamin E, lycopene, vitamin D, nonsteroidal antiinflamtory drugs, green tea