Current treatment approaches in locally advanced prostate cancer: a radiation oncologist perspective

  • Ömür Karakoyun Çelik

Bull Urooncol 2012;11(2):129-133

Patients with locally advanced prostate cancer generally have a significant risk of disease progression and cancer-related death if left untreated. Curative RT combined with HT is the main treatment modality for these patients. Modern radiotherapy techniques, such as IMRT should be used in prostate cancers and this should combined with some form of image guided RT in order to visualize and correct the organ movement in real time. IMRT allows dose escalation for the target volume, produces sharp dose gradient around the target volume and enables radiation oncologists to increase radiation doses homogeneously within the target volume without exceeding the tolerance doses in organs at risk. A minimum dose of 74 Gy RT kombined with long-term HT is recommended for disease control.

Keywords: Locally advanced prostate cancer, imrt, curative RT, hormonotherapy