Original Article

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Duration of Smoking and Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of Bladder Cancer at Diagnosis


  • Bora İrer
  • Filiz Dağ
  • Güven Aslan

Received Date: 25.05.2017 Accepted Date: 06.10.2017 Bull Urooncol 2017;16(4):108-111


In this study, we aimed to evaluate the relationship between the duration of smoking and clinical and pathological characteristics of malignant bladder cancer at diagnosis.

Materials and Methods

In this study, a total of 41 patients who were diagnosed with primary bladder cancer and underwent transurethral resection of bladder tumor in our clinic were included in this study. Clinical and pathological features of bladder tumor such as demographic data, smoking status and tumor size, cystoscopic appearance, tumor grade and grade, presence of lamina propria invasion in histopathological examination, presence of necrosis and inflammation were obtained from medical records. The association of these properties with smoking was evaluated retrospectively.


In this study, mean age of patients was determined to be 69.07 years and mean duration of smoking was 49.8 pack-years. We demonstrated that there was a statically significant relationship between duration of smoking and size of tumors, histological grade and grade of the tumor, solid appearance of the tumor, lamina propria invasion of the tumor, squamous differentiation of the tumor, and presence of histopathological inflammation and necrosis in the tumor.


The duration of smoking in patients with bladder cancer, may be an important factor that gives information about aggressivity of tumors at the diagnosis to urologist and pathologist.

Keywords: Bladder cancer,duration of smoking,pathological characteristics

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