Genetik alteration in bladder carcinoma

  • Hakan Akça
  • Onur Tokgün

Bull Urooncol 2012;11(1):10-13

Bladder cancer is the fifth most commonly diagnosed noncutaneous solid malignancy, and the second most commonly diagnosed genitourinary malignancy in the world. It has been reported that invasive bladder tumors are characterized by lose of function mutations, affecting the prototype tumor suppressor genes, including p53, Rb, PTEN. It is also reported that some oncogene activation mutations like in Ras, PI3K, AKT genes or overexpressions like in EGFR, MDM2 and Survivine are also summarized.

These genetic alterations (in oncogenes or in tumor suppressor genes) are absent or very rare in non invasive bladder carcinoma but have been frequently identified in invasive bladder carcinoma. These commonly genetic alterations and role in bladder carcinoma is also discussed in this review.

Keywords: bladder cancer, mutation, P53, RB, PI3K, Ras, AKT