Lokal ilerlemiş prostat kanseri: Cerrahinin yeri

  • Tahir Karadeniz
  • Vahit Güzelburç

Bull Urooncol 2010;9(2):9-13

Locally advanced prostate carcinoma constitutes 10 to 20% of all newly diagnosed cases. At this stage, two major goals exist in management; first, the curative treatment and the second being local control of the disease. Although, radiation therapy and hormonal modalities are considered as standard management, due to the fact that 9 to 27% of the patients are overstaged, patients with T2 tumors miss surgical benefits and are exposed to morbidities from adjuvant treatment. Concerning treatment modalities in cases with T3 disease, debate is ongoing where tumor is confined in specimen with negative surgical margins. Even, clinically T4 cases may yield surgically favorable results and surgery is still the gold standard to bring out nodal involvement. Thus, accurate pathologic stage is confirmed and patients at high risk for recurrence and progression can be identified. In this, review basic concepts of this approach is scrutinized.