Case Report

Neutropenic Fever, Skin and Eye Toxicities Develops During Docetaxel Treatment in Metastatic Prostate Cancer: A Case Report


  • Erdem Şen
  • İrem Öner
  • Özlem Ata

Received Date: 16.08.2017 Accepted Date: 04.10.2017 Bull Urooncol 2017;16(4):133-136

Prostate cancer is one of the most common tumors in men. Docetaxel and prednisone treatment are accepted as standard therapy in castration-resistant prostate cancer patients. Docetaxel is a chemotherapeutic drug of the taxane group that inhibits depolymerization of tubulin and has an antitumoral activity through stabilization of microtubules. It has also been reported that docetaxel therapy lead to cutaneous and eye side effects besides systemic side effects. Skin and eye toxicities are more common with weekly docetaxel treatment than three-week regimens. We would like to present our case of neutropenia, eye and skin toxicities with docetaxel chemotherapy treatment which is commonly used in metastatic prostate cancer patients.

Keywords: Prostate cancer,conjunctivitis,docetaxel

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