Case Report

Paratesticular Vascular Leiomyoma (Angioleiomyoma) a Case Report


  • Kaan Çömez
  • Serdar Çelik
  • Ozan Bozkurt
  • Burçin Tuna
  • Kutsal Yörükoğlu
  • Mehmet Uğur Mungan

Received Date: 07.09.2014 Accepted Date: 09.09.2014 Bull Urooncol 2014;13(3):190-191

Anjioleiomyoma is a benign tumor which develops from smooth muscle of the vascular structures and rarely observed in the scrotum. In this case report we aimed to discuss a 38 years old case whose pathological evaluation is anjioleiomyoma in whom surgical excision was performed due to left paratesticular mass. There is very few information about paratesticular anjioleiomyoma in literature. Differential diagnosis of angioleiomyomas with malign tumors is important. (Bulletin of Urooncology 2014;13:190-191)

Keywords: Paratesticular mass, vascular leiomyoma, angioleiomyoma

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