Prostate cancer in the era of robotic surgery

  • Çag Çal

Bull Urooncol 2012;11(2):150-155


To evaluate the role of robot assisted radical prostatectomy in surgical treatment of prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer is highly focused by urologist, patients and health industry since it is a common malignancy. It is a basic right of each patient to get the most efficient treatment protocol with less side effects in the shortest recovery time when dealing with health problems. Radical prostatectomy is the standard treatment option for the organ confined prostate cancer. Although open radical prostatectomy is an efficient treatment with respect to the oncological outcomes, it could cause urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. In the need of getting less morbidity with sufficient treatment outcomes, robot assisted radical prostatectomy is widely popularized.


Although the follow-up period for robot assisted radical prostatectomy is not as long as the open technique, it reaches to an equal rate in cancer control. The blood lost during surgical procedure is lower but further strong scientific evidence should be established to show its superiority. The high costs of the robotic system should be carefully taken into consideration by the physicians and the health care professionals.

Keywords: Prostate neoplasm, treatment, radical prostatectomy, open, robot assisted