Prostate cancer, screening and diagnosis according to EAU and AUA 2013 updates and practical considerations

  • Tünkut Doğanca
  • Can Öbek

Bull Urooncol 2014;13(1):15-20


This review article aims to evaluate new information on prostate cancer screening, diagnosis and clinical considerations according to nexly updated EAU and AUA guidelines.


Due to high inidence of prostate cancer and with thepurpose of reducing prostate cancer mortality as well as increasing quality of life in prostate cancer patients, screening has become a very important healthissue. Screening appears to accomplish the abovementioned tasks; but at thecost of a high rate of over-diagnosisandover-treatment. Therefore, currentguidelinesshould be meticuloulyfollowedregardingwhomand how toscreen. Patients should be thoroughly informed on screening and its consequences. Patients' participation is of paramount importantance on the decison to screen.

Keywords: Prostate cancer, screening, diagnosis