Rare Benign and Uncertain Malignant Potential Tumors of Bladder: Review of the Literature


  • Cem Yücel
  • Mehmet Zeynel Keskin

Received Date: 15.05.2016 Accepted Date: 19.07.2016 Bull Urooncol 2017;16(4):123-126

The most common primary bladder cancer are transitional cell (urothelial) carcinomas. However, there are several uncommon but significant bladder lesions that must be differentiated from urothelial carcinomas. These bladder cancers are all rare and have been described in small series and isolated case reports. The different/specific treatment approaches of these rare tumors have made it important to recognize these tumors. In this review, common clinical signs, morphologic features and treatment approaches of these rarely isolated tumors are presented.

Keywords: Bladder,rare,tumor

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