Relationship between active surveillance / watchfull waiting and quality of life in localised prostate cancer

  • İlker Çelen
  • Yasin Ceylan

Bull Urooncol 2013;12(2):123-126


To assess quality of life of the patients in active surveillance / watchfull waiting with localised prostate cancer.


Active surveillance / watchfull waiting is a well tolerated treatment option in well selected patients and shows good quality of life scores. Furthermore, even though recent studies have shown that AS is a safe oncological care option without compromising long-term progression free survival in appropriately selected men. The main reason stated by men who actively choose active surveillance is that they want to delay potential side-effects of curative treatment. And the main reason to reject active surveillance is anxiety for cancer progression to incurable stages. Quality of life scores were found so good in several studies with active surveillance and watchfull waiting.


Active surveillance and watchfull waiting may delay potential side-effects of curative treatment and does not cause much anxiety or distress on short term in men who choose this strategy. But more randomised controlled prospective studies are needed for this strategies.

Keywords: Active surveillance/ watchfull waiting, quality of life, localised postate cancer