Risk Factors and Etiology in Renal Cell Carcinoma


  • Ümit Gül

Received Date: 24.07.2014 Accepted Date: 10.09.2014 Bull Urooncol 2014;13(3):135-138

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the third most common urological carcinoma and has the highest mortality rate although it is diagnosed at the early stage. The incidence of RCC has been increasing. Epidemiological studies conducted to better clarify the etiology and risk factors will shed new light about protective measures in prevention. The strongest known risk factors related to RCC are tobacco smoking, obesity and high blood pressure. A weak correlation was found between medications and RCC and a moderate correlation was found between occupational and dietary factors and RCC. Establishing correlations with stronger proofs between risk factors and RCC might lead to more effective preventive measures. Identification of people under risk and informing them adequately and establishing protective measures may lead to a decrease in the risk of RCC development. (Bulletin of Urooncology 2014;13:135-138)

Keywords: Kidney cancer, risk factors, tobacco smoking

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