Is prostate cancer be screened according to Turkey data?

  • Rahmi Gökhan Ekin
  • Ferruh Zorlu

Bull Urooncol 2013;12(2):71-75

Prostate cancer is the most frequent malignancy in Turkish male population and in general population, on the second line after lung cancer. In USA it is the most frequent cancer and PSA screening programs are applied but, debate growing rapidly because expected mortality reduction can not be seen. To diagnose the prostate cancer without mortality reduction is insufficient for PSA screening programs. Recently the results of different randomised controlled studies published from USA and Europe with conflicting results. The main reason of controversy concerns the harms associated with PSA screening because PSA is organ specific and needs further evaluation, side effects of biopsy, and when dignosed overdiagnosis, overtreatment and mortality reduction are in dicussion. In this review we discuss the screening programs in the guidance of WHO screening criteria and debate Turkish data.

Keywords: Prostate cancer, scrrening, prostate specific antigen