• Ali Feyzullah Şahin
  • Rauf Taner Divrik

Bull Urooncol 2013;12(1):18-21

Transurethral resection (TUR) is the gold standard therapy in nonmuscle invasive bladder tumors. Proper use of TUR is important both in diagnosis and treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder tumors. Only the TUR performed after complete and correct first TUR must be called Second TUR. Either macroscopic or microscopic residual tumor could be detected in Second TUR. Residual tumor is related with the stage, grade, size and the number of first tumor. Both recurrence and progression ratios were reduced with Second TUR. It is generally done 2-6 weeks after first TUR. The benefit of Second TUR which is done a month after first TUR with minimal morbidity and complication should not be ignored.

Keywords: bladder tumor, residual tumor, recurrence, progression, transurethral resection