Sperm preservation in patients with testicular cancer

  • Mehmet Kazım Asutay
  • İlker Tınay
  • Cem Akbal

Bull Urooncol 2013;12(3):169-172


Quality of life issues are as important as survival rates in cancer treatment. Infertility is one of the factors that is crutial for the quality of life in testicular cancer survivors. Here in this review we address the sperm preservation in patients with testicular cancer.

New findings:

Semen parameters of patiens diagnosed with testis cancer are f ound worse than normal population. Moreover, germ cell damage caused by treatment methods leads to infertility, which become a major health problem among these patients. Sperm preservation plays a great role for reducing infertility rates. If the patient is azoospermic testicular sperm extraction (TESE) or microscopic testicular sperm extraction (micro TESE) are alterantive methods to be used at the same time with orchiectomy for sperm preservation.


Sperm preservation in patients with testicular cancer is important to decrease infertility rates and to preserve the quality of life. Patiens with testicular cancer should be advised for sperm preservation tecniques.

Keywords: testicular cancer, infertility, sperm preservation