The influence of age on localized prostate cancer: Surgical result of patients over 70 years

  • Erdal Benli
  • Ali Ayyıldız

Bull Urooncol 2014;13(1):54-57

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among males and it is identified more in the old population. Its etiology is not known certainly. After prostate specific antigen has come in to clinic use, localized prostate cancer is encountered frequently and the majority of these patients are old patients. At present, because of the progress in the health system, the increase of the quality of life, the increase in life expectancy and the fact that getting old has slided in to further ages, in the old population, patients with localized prostate cancer is encountered more. In the treatment of these patients, only age should not be effective on the treatment decision because the expectancy of life is progressively increasing. When the general health condition of the old patients is well, they should be provided with the same treatment opportunities as their young equels. In this review, the articles about the importance of age in the treatment desicion and the surgical results in patients with prostate cancer who are 70 years old or more have been reviewed.

Keywords: lokalized prostate cancer, age, general health condition