Treatment of small renal masses: Where we are in 2011

  • Mutlu Ateş
  • Mustafa Karalar
  • Engin Doğantekin

Bull Urooncol 2011;10(3):21-26

The widespread use of ultrasonography and computed tomography has increased the detection important part of the renal tumors. Small renal tumors (SRT) are most of these detected tumors. SRT are early phased and low metastatic potential tumors. This increase in the number of patients, increased the studies on SRT therapies. In the treatment of SRT, there are variable approaches from watchful waiting (WW) to radical nephrectomy. WW is recommended for elderly with comorbitted and limited life expectancy patients that have high risk to surgery. Nephronsparing surgery, open and that can be made laparoscopic or robot- assisted at experienced centers maintains the ideal method of treatment. Ablative treatment methods can be considered as an alternative therapy at elderly, high comorbited patients that are not inappropriate to conventional surgery. In this review, approaches to SRT are discussed.

Keywords: small renal tumors, watchful waiting, radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, ablative therapy