TUR'a bağlı mesane perforasyonu: tedavi ve izlem

  • Kürsad Zengin
  • Sinan Başay

Bull Urooncol 2011;10(1):38-40

In pathologic diagnosis and treatment of superficial bladder cancer, gold standart option is TUR-BT. The most common peroperative complication of TUR-BT is bladder perforation. While the risk of perforation depends on localization and experience of surgeon, the most important factors for prevention are to be careful about the situation and using the appropriate method. Against all odds, if perforation occurs and it is an extraperitoneal small perforation, long catheterisation is usually sufficient for treatment. When perforation is suspected in superficial bladder tumors, it should be convenient to avoid immediate postoperative intravesical chemotherapy.

Keywords: transurethral resection, bladder cancer, perforation