Upper urinary tract urothelial cell carcinoma 2011

  • Mehmet Yariş
  • Özgür Uğurlu

Bull Urooncol 2011;10(3):52-58

Upper urinary tract urothelial cell carsinomas are uncommon and aggresive tumours. The recommendations provided in the current review are based on a thorough review of available UUTUCC guidelines and papers identified using a systematic search of Medline. The review contains information for the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients according to a current standardised approach. When determining the optimal treatment regimen, physicians must take into account each individual patient's specific clinical characteristics with regard to renal function including medical comorbidities; tumour location, grade and stage; and molecular marker status.

Keywords: urothelial carcinoma, renal pelvis, ureter, nephroureterectomy, laparoscopy