2017 16 June (6) 2
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Original Article

Renal Function Deterioration After Radical Cystectomy and Analysis of Predictive Factors for Renal Deterioration

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 34-37)

Squamous Metaplasia and Its Management in Non-malignant Bladder Diseases

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 38-41)

Initial Outcomes and Assessment of the Transperineal Multiparametric-Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Ultrasonography Fusion Biopsy Method in Diagnosing Clinically-significant Prostate Cancer

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 42-45)

Relationship Between Tumor Density in Radical Prostatectomy Material, Preoperative Predictive Factors and Biochemical Recurrence

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 46-50)


The Role of Imaging in Testicular Cancer Diagnosis, Staging and Follow-up

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 51-56)

Risk Adaptive Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 57-62)

Case Report

A Rare Case Mimicking Ureteral Stone or Tumor: Intraureteral Organized Debris

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 63-66)

Prostatic Carcinosarcoma: A Case Report

(Bull Urooncol 2017; 16: 67-69)
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