5α Redüktaz inhibitörlerinin prostat histopatolojisinde yaptığı değişiklikler

  • Bahar Müezzinoğlu

Bull Urooncol 2010;9(4):62-64

Dihidrotestostereone is the primary androgen involved in both normal and abnormal prostate development and prostatic transitional zone hyperplasia found in benign prostatic hyperplasia. A critical level of androgen is required to maintain the prostatic growth pattern and androgenic deprivation results in a significant involution of the prostate gland. The mode of actions of 5 alpha reductase inhibitor is to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihidrotestosterone by blocking action of 5 alpha reductase enzyme.All modes of hormonal treatment induce programmed apoptosis in prostatic epithelium and inhibiton of cell growth. This review describes the histopathologic and morphometric features of the benign and neoplastic prostate following 5 alpha reductase inhibitor therapy.