Case Report

A Rare Case: Contralateral Testicular Seminoma Accompanied by Right Undescended Testicle and Right Inguinal Hernia with Ipsilateral Renal Agenesis and Seminal Vesicle Agenesis


  • Zafer Demirer
  • Ali Gürağaç
  • Sami Uğuz
  • Bilal Fırat Alp
  • İbrahim Yıldırım

Received Date: 28.12.2015 Accepted Date: 24.02.2016 Bull Urooncol 2016;15(3):123-126

Due to the close relationship between the male reproductive system and the urinary system, both embryological and congenital anatomic anomalies of these systems are often seen together. Seminal vesicle agenesis is a relatively rare disorder and may be seen concurrently with vas deferens agenesis or ipsilateral renal abnormalities. The diagnosis of seminal vesicle agenesis is usually established incidentally. This condition is thought to occur as a result of a defective development of Wolffian ducts but the possible causes for seminal vesicle agenesis are still uncertain. Here, we present a case of left seminal vesicle agenesis accompanying by ipsilateral renal agenesis and ipsilateral undescended testicles in a patient who also had a left testicular seminoma and diagnosis of indirect inguinal hernia on the right side. To our knowledge, a case with similar features has not been previously reported in the literature.

Keywords: Seminal vesicle agenesis, renal agenesis, undescended testes, inguinal hernia, seminoma

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