Chemotherapy related adverse events in patients with testicular cancer

  • Özgür Tanrıverdi
  • Bülent Karabulut

Bull Urooncol 2012;11(3):196-200

Testicular tumors are 1% of all malignancies at men and 95% of them have germ cell origin. About half of the germ cell tumors are advanced stage at the time of diagnosis. Approximately 70 to 80% of cure rates were reported with cisplatin-based combination therapy even for advanced disease. Nevertheless chemotherapeuticals in patients with testicular cancer have many serious early and late toxicities. These toxic effects may either persist or present long after the end of systemic chemotherapy and involve the renal function disordes, neurotoxicity, pulmonary fibrosis, vascular adverse events, and gonadal disfunction. In this paper, etiopathogenic mechanisms, clinical characterisations, treatment and prevention methods of the side effects dues to chemotherapeutic drugs that are used in the treatment of testicular cancer were reviewed.

Keywords: Testicular cancer, adverse effect, toxicity, chemotherapeutical drugs