General Urooncology

Does physical activity decrease incidence of urooncologic cancers?

  • Evren Süer
  • Çağatay Göğüs

Bull Urooncol 2012;11(4):301-304

In last years, studies regarding the protective effect of physical activity on different types of cancers were performed. The present review evaluates the correlation between physical activity and genitourinary cancers. Prostate and renal cell cancer are the two mostly studied cancer types evaluating the role of physical activity. However, there has not been sufficient data for bladder and testis cancers in literatüre. Literature suggests a weak inverse relation of physical activity to risk of prostate and renal cell cancer development although this was not significant. In contrast to prostate and renal cell cancer, available data show that physical activity is not associated with bladder or testicular cancer. Future research should include improvements in self-reported activity measures and incorporation of objective assessments of physical activity over the life course in order to more precisely characterize types, parameters, and timing of physical activity in relation to genitourinary cancers.

Keywords: cancer, prevention, physical activity