KTP Lazer cerrahisi ve seksüel disfonksiyon ilişkisi

  • Melih Beysel
  • Feridun Şengör

Bull Urooncol 2010;9(4):71-74

After being approved by FDA on May 2001, KTP laser with 80 W energy is being widely used. Studies investigating the effects of KTP laser on sexual function have been published mostly in the last five years.

Age and degree of LUTS are the main risk factors effecting erectile function. To create cavity similar to TURP is the desired outcome of KTP laser surgery. Accordingly the incidence of retrograde ejaculation is also similar. The ratio of erectile dysfunction after KTP laser surgery is not different from the preoperative values in most of the reports, excluding the study of Bruyère et al. Standard, more detailed, comperative and prospective studies are still needed on this subject to reach a conclusion.