Ongoing Studies of the Bladder Tumor Study Group: An Overview


  • N. Aydın Mungan
  • İlker Tınay

Bull Urooncol 2014;13(2):67-69

In this review, we aimed to summarize the ongoing and planned studies which were discussed at the Bladder Tumor Study Group Meeting during the Spring Meeting of Turkish Society of Urooncology in Izmir, 5-6 April 2014. The coordinators for the 3 active studies are; Dr.Sümer Baltacı and Dr. Evren Süer, Dr. Levent Türkeri and Dr. İlker Tinay and Dr. Polat Türker. A previously completed study by Dr. Özgür Uğurlu is in the writing process. The recruitment of patients for the study by Dr. Cavit Can will start after the revision of the study methodology. (Bulletin of Urooncology 2014;13:67-69)

Keywords: Bladder cancer, clinical trials, update, bladder tumor study group