Case Report

Partial Urethrectomy for Female Urethral Transitional Epithelial Cell Carcinoma


  • Oktay Üçer
  • Caner Buğra Akdeniz
  • Mehmet Bilgehan Yüksel
  • Gökhan Temeltaş
  • Talha Müezzinoğlu

Received Date: 03.01.2016 Accepted Date: 15.01.2016 Bull Urooncol 2016;15(2):80-82

To present a female case of partial urethrectomy and the following adjuvant chemo-radio-therapy for urethral transitional epithelial cell carcinoma originating from distal urethra in the light of literature. The patient was a 64-year-old female presented with dysuria, intermittent hematuria and a palpable urethral mass that she first experienced a few months ago. On physical examination of the vagina, papillary tumor was observed at the urethral meatus. During cystoscopy procedure, punch biopsy was performed from the tumoral lesion which lines from the middle urethra to distal. After the pathologic examination result of transitional epithelial cell carcinoma of urethra partial urethrectomy with urethroplasty was performed. On pathologic examination, high grade transitional epithelial cell carcinoma of urethra with squamous differentiation was detected. Three cures of gemcitabine and cisplatin were adminisered. After detecting a local recurrent mass four months after the surgery we planed radiotherapy and then surgical resection of the mass if needed. In women with distal urethral tumors, urethra-sparing surgery is alternative to primary urethrectomy if negative surgical margins can be achieved intra-operatively. Patients with tumor progression usually need to receive chemo-radio-therapy after the surgery.

Keywords: Female, urethra, transitional epithelial cell carcinoma

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