Case Report

T1a Papiller Renal Cell Carcinom Case with a Lymph Node Metastasis


  • Mete Özkidik
  • Ömer Gülpinar
  • Evren Süer
  • Mehmet Ilker Gökçe
  • Adil Hüseyinov
  • Sümer Baltaci

Received Date: 08.04.2015 Accepted Date: 13.05.2015 Bull Urooncol 2015;14(3):243-244

Papillary renal cell carcinomas represent approximately 10% to 15% of all renal cell carcinomas. In general they have better prognosis than clear cell carcinomas. In this case a 45 year old man who had right flank pain was reported. A 2x1.8 cm mass located in theright inferolateral kidney which was contrasted heterogeneously and a 22x13 mm lymph node posterior to the origin of right renal vein from inferior vena cava were detected on computerized tomography. A needle biopsy was done for the metastatic involvement of the lymph node but the result was inconclusive. Therefore right partial nephrectomy and lymphadenectomy was performed. The result of the pathologic examination for both specimens revealed papillary renal cell carcinoma Type 2 and metastasis was detected on the lymph node of the patient.

Keywords: Papillary renal cell carcinoma, lymph node metastasis, partial nephrectomy

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