Testicular Microlithiasis An...


  • Oguz Özden Cebeci
  • Levent Özcan

Received Date: 15.06.2015 Accepted Date: 13.07.2015 Bull Urooncol 2015;14(3):232-234

Testicular microlithiasis is a radiologic imaging finding often detected by a scrotal ultrasound. In general it does not present with a clinical sign or a symptom. It can be detected in a healthy testis and it can also accompany a testicular germ cell tumor (GCTs). However it is not considered as a risk factor for germ cell tumor. Although not a risk factor for germ cell tumor it may cause anxiety for both patients and physicians. In this manuscript we aim to review diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of testicular microlithiasis through current literature.

Keywords: Testicular microlithiasis, testicular tumor, follow up

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