The Status of Testicular Self-Examination in the Early Diagnosis of TesticularCancer: Conjuncture in the World and in Turkey


  • Barış Kuzgunbay

Received Date: 07.07.2014 Accepted Date: 20.08.2014 Bull Urooncol 2014;13(3):127-129

Testicular cancer, although rarely seen, is considered to be an important public health problem since it is the mostly seen cancer in the males between the ages of 15-35. Testicular self-examination (TSE) is the easiest way to detect the physical abnormalities of the testicles earlier. Testicular cancer is detected at the earlier stage with the earlier diagnosis, thus it is likely to be associated with more simple and less toxic treatment. However, the epidemiological studies in literature describe limited awareness of men about testicular cancer and TSE in the world and in our country. Thus, various public health campaigns have been arranged in order to increase the public awareness of testicular cancer and encourage the TSE in most of the developed countries. (Bulletin of Urooncology 2014;13:127-129)

Keywords: Testicular cancer, early diagnosis, testicular self-examination

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