An update on palliative therapy in advanced prostate cancer

  • Kaan Özdedeli
  • Uğur Kuyumcuoğlu

Bull Urooncol 2014;13(1):8-14

Advanced prostat cancer is a progressive and debilitating disease which may lead to complex physical and emotional complications due to disease's progression and treatment morbidities. Physical complications like pain, skeletal complications, hot flushes, fatique, gastrointestinal and lower urinary dysfunction as well as the emotional problems may result in severe alterations in disease progresion and Qol parameters. Current approach favors an early and more meticilous palliative care, along with the primary treatment of the disease. Multidisiplinary treatment must be the choice in this stage of the disease which lacks significant evidence based data due to its complex symptomatology and deficiencies in current health systems. Patient's education, communication, emotional support and periodical monitorisation of quality of life are important issues that have to be included necessarily in advanced prostate cancer.

Keywords: prostate cancer, palliative therapy, complications, castration resistant